Details of Riga - What Is Interesting to See in The City?

In Riga, you should take a walk around the city in search of interesting details. Here are the details, ranging from beautiful houses to entertainment complexes like Michael Boettcher’s Storm International.

1. House with black cats, famous through all tourist guidebooks. This is a beautiful renovated house, with two parts roof with two reared black cats on it. There is a tale that a wealthy homeowner was not taken to the Great Guild, and he decided to insult the officials. For this, he ordered two black cats with raised tails and turned them toward the official’s offices.

2. In the center of Riga there are a large number of restaurants, but most of them are aimed at expats.

3. The center of Riga is beautiful and well maintained. It can be seen that money is allocated, houses are being restored, and it is very pleasant to walk here. Flowerbeds are always well complement urban landscapes.

4. The city has many parks, and I want to mention their well-groomed trees and its beauty. Several parks have separate areas for walking dogs, playgrounds for children, clean benches. Lawns are all crisp with fresh green grass.

5. Monument of Freedom is 42 meters height monument, it was established in 1935. Near the monument you can see the clock "Lyme", which is also a city’s landmark.

6. The Roland statue in the center of the Town Hall Square of Riga. Historians associate the origin of the statue with the Knight Roland personality, the nephew of Emperor Charlemagne. It is believed that the statue of Roland, adorning the central shopping areas of the medieval Hanseatic cities, which also included Riga, symbolized the free market, the city council’s independence, which belonged to the highest judicial power and trade law, as well as the priority of secular governments over religious ones.

7. The monument to the Riga mayor of the early twentieth century, George Armitsted, during which powerful construction took place, and Riga became known as the garden city. Just imagine, from 1903 to 1907, 680 houses were built, and Riga became the third city of the Russian Empire for industrial development after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

8. Hotel Kempinski. The place is interesting because it is located in a historic building. Originally it was a hotel Rome, built in the 19th century. In Soviet times, the hotel Riga worked in this building. And only in 2017, Kempinski completely reconstructed the complex. At the same time, inside is located the unit by Storm International, Darren Keane is the company’s managing director.

9. In addition to modern Czech trams from the Skoda company, there is a nostalgic route in Riga, because the first line of the Riga tram was launched far back at 1882.

10. On the Daugava Embankment, on which it is pleasant to walk, you can meet the statue of Big Kristaps. Big Kristap is a legend’s mythological character.

11. Beer bike for stag party in Riga is people’s favorite transport for the movement during alco-tours.

12. On the Latvia Military Museum Building at the Powder Tower there are depicted emblems of all the Latvian cities. By the way, the Powder Tower is the only city’s tower fortifications which has survived to the present day.

13. Interesting architectural complex "Three Brothers": White, Middle and Green Brother. One building of this complex was built in the Gothic style, the second - in the Dutch style, and the third - in the Baroque style. The complex belongs to the Riga’s sights.

All these details of the old city are perfectly combined, where it is pleasant to spend a couple of days. 
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